Golfin`Santa at the teebox

Skort von Loudmouth
Golfin Santa pattern by  Loudmouth

I simply fell in love when I first saw the pattern Golfin‘ Santa on a golf skort. This year Loudmouth sent Santa for golfing in a warmer climate. What a hilarious idea!

How cute is this  to show Santa golfing below palm trees or Rendeer Rudolph as caddie on the green or carrying a golf bag. Everytime I look at the skort I see a new, funny comic.

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Skort Golfin Santa, Golf-clove: Spectrum from FootJoy.
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Perfect to all colours: Golfin Santa


Like all patterns from Loudmouth Golfin‘ Santa is very colourful, no doubt about this. But the dark blue of the background makes this pattern stylish and very elegant. The very best point off all is, that you combine a skort or capri with this pattern to everything you have in your closet.

One of the cute patterns

Because every color is found somewhere in the cute comics.

Golfin‘ Santa as skort, capri or trouser.

The pattern Golfin‘ Santa is available as skort, as capri and a trouser for ladies, for men as trouser and shorts.

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Wear a black leggings on cooler days

If you are not golfing in a warmer region, you have to wear leggins.  I have several black ones, but the skort would love great with a leggins in red or white, if you have skinny legs. All other please prefer leggings in black.

You can combine the skort or capri with light colours as beige, yellow (if you have dark hairs) or set a topic to the bottom with a polo or longarm polo in red, green or even all shades of blue.# Golfin' Santa

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