Take off for your nails

Holiday seasons is a great time for travel. Great to travel home for chrismas or in a golf holiday in sunny and warm areas. But as soon as I start packing the golf bag in the travel cover, the first nail cracks. This happens several times and when I am sitting in the airplane, four or more nails are cracked and peeled off or the laquer was chipped.

So I startet to find a solution and I find some really good ones:

nailtrition_b_24160_webOrly Nailtrition

I do love all products of Orly and I am a great fan of theses lacquers coming from California. Last time in Chicago I found the Orly Nailtrition and I tried is first times on the last days of my travel before I flew home to Germany. Nailtrition is perfect for damaged nails and collagen, wheat protein, keratin and bamboo really helps to grow your nails. Best of all, the product is free of DBP, Formaldehyde & toulene. There are some nail hardeners on the market, they still contains Formaldehyde, which is really no good for your nails and health.

Apply every day one or two coats. Here is the first coat.

Apply daily one coat – it is fast drying. The first two, three days, there is only a light shine on your nails. After four or more coats the colour changes to a light, pink shade with a pearlescent finish. Perhaps, that is not your favorite colour, but don´t worry about this. You will love the product, the first time you travel and none of your nails peel or brake. It really works.

After seven days, remove the lacquer and stay one week without the Nailtrition. After one week you can repeat the seven days with the daily coat.

After some days the clear shine moves to a light pink shade.

Or you can use one or two coats as base lacquer, followed by your favorite nail polish.



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